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MEWelcome to Write For Hollywood.com!

I’m Yolanda Beasley.  I started this site in 2010 as a resource specifically for screenwriters who aspire to write for Hollywood.  Why?  Because as a new screenwriter, I found it easy to find information on developing the craft, yet challenging to get the information I needed to help me succeed.  And sometimes all I needed was to simply have someone to talk to.  This is why I’m on 11 social media platforms and growing; to find out what you need.

Who am I?  In terms of my experience, I have had two television series nearly optioned by a Toronto production company, a feature in development and landed a top Canadian literary agent.  I have pitched Hollywood producers, agents, and managers with consistent success.  Along with my seven years’ experience at four major advertising agencies in both the UK and Canada, I worked my way up at a broadcast company as Director and managed all corporate communications for three digital television stations in Toronto.  I studied screenwriting at Ryerson University and UCLA.  I have led several writers’ groups since 1995, been on the board of LIFT out Loud, been an actor & acting coach, and taught screenwriting for television at the Impatient Theatre Company and developed the curriculum.

All the information I provide to you is based on my experiences, knowledge and skills.  It’s impossible for me to know everything, but I am building on that knowledge daily and passing it onto you.  I hope you find my services useful and if there’s some way I can help, do let me know!

Happy writing!

Yolanda Beasley

About Writeforhollywood.com

Writeforhollywood.com was established in 2010 by former advertising executive, Yolanda Beasley, to provide aspiring screenwriters with advice, tips and guidance on navigating their path to Hollywood.

When I was learning the craft, there was nothing like this to help me or motivate me to keep going when times got tough; I had to be my own mentor and cheerleader.  The industry is challenging enough, but tack on the emotional, psychological, and financial struggles and it’s no wonder people give up.  The only thing that keeps writers going is faith that one day we’ll ‘make it’.  Well that day can come and go.  We need something like Write for Hollywood to keep us going when nothing else can.

Since June 2013, Write for Hollywood has evolved into a playful and entertaining yet invaluable resource featuring inspiring, amusing and uniquely detailed articles for aspiring screenwriters worldwide.

The website currently reaches as many as 1100 daily unique visitors and has an astounding web presence across 9 social media sites including unlikely platforms such as Foursquare, GetGlue, Pinterest and Instagram.  Beasley also hosts a weekly video on YouTube where she answers questions and reviews script pitches.

Social media is necessary for screenwriters wanting to make it in Hollywood.  Everyone is on Twitter or should be, but I’m challenging writers to use a wide variety of social media platforms to help them stand out while making screenwriting fun, social and entertaining.

What Twitter fans are saying:

Kyle Stimers ‏@lemystrikes 9 Aug  @Write4Hollywood this is amazing, the archetypes will be a big help, you just made my day and my screenplay significantly easier!

Joe Kilroy ‏@KilroyDFW 9 Aug  Excellent resource for aspiring writers —> @Write4Hollywood Check her out. You won’t regret it! #FF

Johnny Sullivan ‏@johnnyblackout 6 Aug @Write4Hollywood Thanks! Totally helped. Great advice on the log. Really dig the site. You’re honest and accurate!

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