Know Your Craft

Want to write for Hollywood?   Then you need to know your craft.

That’s right, screenwriting is a craft, not an art.  It’s a process of combining structure with artistic expression.  The script has to clearly define the visual and auditory cues for everyone involved from the producer to the sound guy.

Screenwriting is different from novel writing, and writing for television is different from writing for film.  Write For Hollywood provides the aspiring professional screenwriter with the tools necessary to know the craft.

Anyone can write a script, doesn’t mean it’s any good.

If you want to write for Hollywood, you need to be certain that script is the best it can be.  Your goal should be to become a stronger writer not just to finish a script.  Frankly, if you need a course to get you to write, you won’t make it in Hollywood.

This site is for those who aspire to be professional screenwriters.  This doesn’t mean you have to have a handful of scripts or have quit your job to write full-time.  It simply means that you have the desire and dedication to take your craft seriously.  For this reason, we do not teach formatting.

We’re just as passionate about your work as you are. 

We provide guidance and insight into the complexities of screenwriting, challenging writers to push their limits and to explore their writing from a different point of view.

We’ll guide you through blocks, help you recognize plot holes, and encourage you to strive for brilliance.  You may not always get there, but you’ll at least be one step closer.

Writing is a process.  It involves perseverance and dedication.  We learn from doing.  We learn from our mistakes.  As you go through the process, you may keep hitting the same stumbling block, but eventually you’ll break through it and that’s when your work improves.

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We don’t just teach screenwriting, we teach you to write for Hollywood.

Screenwriting involves understanding the various elements that go into making a film or television show.  Having said that, we do not get into the finer details of production, but rather simply educate writers on how to take these into consideration while crafting their scripts.

Some of the things you’ll learn could mean the difference from a rejection to a green light or saving a crucial scene from ending up on the cutting room floor:

  • how to edit your script according to budget
  • how to communicate your vision clearly and concisely
  • how to write to attract A-list actors
  • knowing when to get an agent
  • knowing a marketable ideaknowing when your script is ready to send out

Knowing when you’re ready to Write for Hollywood!