Just Write Your Screenplay Already

Your first draft is meant to be terrible.  No matter who you are, it will be terrible.  Terrible is relative, but the point is to get your first draft done so you can start rewriting it.  The biggest mistake we Continue reading

Shhh! It’s a Secret! – When to Reveal Secrets In Screenwriting

This is a tough one.  Every movie is about revealing information at the right time.  Your characters’ backstories, relationship histories, dark seedy pasts, who ends up with who, the reason couples were kept apart, the reason they got back together, Continue reading

What the Heck Did You Do That For? – Realistic Reactions

Characters must react to what is happening to them and it must be consistent with who they are.  When you create a character, they have a set of values, beliefs and characteristics that control their behaviour.  Their behaviour must be Continue reading