The Reality of Your Fictitous Screenplay World

One really important facet of screenwriting is the ability to convey the existence of a world that isn’t real.  It must exist in great detail inside your mind before you start writing so you know exactly where your characters are Continue reading

So-Called “Unfilmables”

If you post your script online for feedback from other writers, one of the common comments is “that’s not filmable”.  What the hell does that mean?  Honestly, a lot of people don’t have a clue.  Allow me to clear this Continue reading

And Then There Were None: Introducing Strangers

I once read a script that was about a party and the first half of the script was about introducing all the characters at the party.  One person arrived and the writer gave us his name and backstory and why Continue reading

Who Is This Guy And Why Is He Talking to Me This Way?: Relationships

Your characters’ relationships to one another should be evident in dialogue and action.  You should show what they mean to one another in how they are with one another.  You don’t necessarily need to call it out and say ‘he’s Continue reading